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Bioprop ®

Meets all current ISO and API performance standards (ISO 13503-2, API RP-56 and RP-58).

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Bioprop ®

Ideal for Sand Control, Frac-Pac and Hyfraulic Fracturing Operations. Highly attractive for tight formations.

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Our proppants enhance production and make hydraulic fracturing safer for the environment

We market and sell BIOPROP to North American oil and natural gas well operators and oilfield service companies. BIOPROP is an ultra-lightweight, high crush resistant proppant with outstanding performance in both onshore and offshore gravel pack and hydraulic fracturing operations. BIOPROP® is a plant-based proppant made from renewable sources with a much lower environmental footprint as compared to traditional sand, bauxite, and ceramic proppants.

Unidade Fabril - SP
Unidade Fabril - SP

Terra Viva Propantes started developing BIOPROP® in 2004 with technical support from Brazil's leading research and development labs, including Unicamp (State University of Campinas), and Petrobras’ R&D Center (Cenpes).

By 2009 the Company was producing BIOPROP® on an industrial scale at its plant in São Paulo, Brazil.

Since 2009 Petrobras has successfully used BIOPROP® in its onshore and offshore gravel pack and hydraulic fracking operations throughout Brazil with outstanding operating results.

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