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Density Modifier

It is necessary that the drilling fluid exerts a pressure differential against the layers that may be found during drilling, in order to prevent the in-flow, that is, that oil or gas flows from the well (a phenomenon known as blowout). This pressure, which depends on the fluid density, can be controlled with the addition of minerals with high specific weight.

Minerals such as barite, hematite and galena, due to their high specific weight (4.5, 5.3 and 7.5, respectively) are the most used to adjust the fluid density as a function of the hydrostatic pressure required for the slurry column. In Brazil, only barite is used.



Terra Viva's Barite is produced from the extraction of raw stones in the State of Bahia.


Processed at the Industrial Unit located in Minas Gerais under the strictest quality controls.


Meets the standards required in the national and international market.
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